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Tina S. Kramer

While teaching in the traditional classroom I had students that were clearly intelligent but not doing well academically and/or socially.

I discovered a world of Learning Differences, not disabilities.  However, they struggled with symptoms that are typically referred to as Autism and ADD/ADHD.  Each individual had a unique story.  Their challenges included: limited focus, anxiety, overwhelm, loneliness and low self-esteem.

Their strengths included:  visual-spatial learner and an AMAZING imagination that could be experienced as reality.

I have created a program that uses their strengths to overcome their challenges.  Using guided visualizations to learn key concepts that support their learning differences.

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We are passionate about creating a community of forward-thinkers. Our podcast is dedicated to raising awareness and providing valuable insights on the latest trends in the industry. Join us and let's explore the world of more together.
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Focus and Foundations 


“Podcast with Tina and Kelley

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We are dedicated to providing a cutting-edge approach to creating focus and addressing the challenges:

  • that comes with a lack of feeling, not being seen or heard, 

  • negative symptoms of dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, and Autism Spectrum.

  • We understand the importance of accountability, communication, retention, and time/space awareness, and we know how to help.

  • We explain why these challenges happen and provide solutions to change them.

Join us for a candid conversation and take control of your life today.

Tina & Kelley

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The mission of Simple Learning LLC. is to provide essential and lasting development for those who need it the most -- those who learn differently.

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