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Originally from Greensburg, Indiana, I have lived and worked both here and abroad. My
educational background includes an elementary education degree from Ball State University and classroom teaching experience in both the United States and Hong Kong.

When first in Hong Kong, I taught 7th and 8th grade math and science in the Japanese
International School. I also taught at the International College of Hong Kong. It was an
incredible opportunity -- both for me personally and for my students. I was part of the original team in the process of developing an experiential project-based curriculum.

This was such a unique chance to look at individual learning through a new lens. I had young students in many of my classes who were clearly intelligent, but we were not seeing that come through in their written work. Evidently, the traditional approaches to teaching and learning weren't working for these kids. This is still true today for so many students -- here in the United States and throughout the world.

My combined experiences encouraged me to look and think outside the box, to find new ideas and concepts that work, and then to create specialized, tailored programming options that can and do make a difference -- simple learning for those who learn differently.


I currently split my time between Indiana and Hong Kong, but I happily travel throughout the United States raising awareness for those who want a simple way to learn.


We know that those who learn differently are not following the same path to knowledge and
understanding as neuro-typical individuals. They can be governed by their own thoughts and instincts more than by their experiences. The rules that govern the physical world, concepts such as Self, Change, Consequence, Time, Sequence, Order/Disorder, and Responsibility, can be quite challenging and confusing for those who learn differently. And navigating these challenges can result in frustration and struggles in so many areas of life.

I focus on learning differently as a positive -- an asset, not a deficit.


The mission of Simple Learning is to provide essential and lasting development for those
need it the most -- those who learn differently.



Phone: 812-614-7614

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