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Learning with Difference is a reference to an individual that hasn't found success with teaching methods used in most schools. Our methods are facilitated with Guided Visualization. This unique teaching method utilizes the strengths of a primarily visual/spatial learner.


Consider that the imagination of a visual/spatial learner is similar to a 3D movie. Their movie can include unlimited possibilities: nothing, everything, moving images through space and time, sounds, colors, odors, tastes, sensations, and emotions.


The visual sense is usually the most profound and combines with a seemingly limitless imagination. A visual/spatial learner tends to think globally and is good at creative project solving, invention, hands-on activities, and seeing engineering solutions to real-world problems. Through guided visualization, the learner’s amazing imagination is used to teach basic concepts. Teaching differently to a learner who is perceptually gifted, tapping into their
strengths using guided visualization results in Simple Learning!

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